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Bologna Children’s Book Fair – Day three

So, it’s day three on the DK stand at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. We’ve had celebrations, copious amounts of coffee, pizza and meetings with publishers from around the world and there is still one more day to go. The sun has been shining and  the halls of the Book Fair have been thronging with publishers and the odd magical character. A highlight of the fair for me has been the sight of a Care Bear waddling past – it transported me straight back to my childhood!

The fair in Bologna always has a very different feel to the other events in London and Frankfurt. There’s an almost playful and fun atmosphere to the proceedings and I think this is because every single person here is trying to think like a child. Every publisher, every author and every visitor is here to try and find the next thing that will excite and delight our children. Some things are new, like the year that we launched our 3D pop up series with augmented reality. Some things are classic and never seem to go stale; like the DK pop-up books, Touch and Feel titles for toddlers and sticker books. What they all have in common is that children love them and children love DK.

This year has been the year of LEGO for DK but that doesn’t mean that our core list isn’t still storming the charts around the world. Our Children’s Encyclopedia series is still going strong with new titles on the Human Body. Our very own and very dear Jane Bull continues to surprise and delight with her amazing craft books like Stitch by Stitch. One of the star attractions of the fair has been a little box full of knitted animals from her latest book which we’re working on right now. Our innovative and frankly gorgeous series for babies and toddlers continue to be a big draw for our customers from all corners of the globe. What is evident is that the team at DK know what interests and excites children and that’s not going to change.

So it’s “ciao” from Bologna for another year! It’s been fun as always.

Caroline Goldsmith, DK International Publishing and Licensing

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