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Mary Berry’s, Graham Norton and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

Last weekend Mary Berry gave a fantastic interview on Graham Norton, Radio 2, talking about Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect and answering some baking questions from callers, here’s a pic of Mary and Graham:

Mary Berry and Graham Norton at BBC Radio 2

Then it was off to Waterstones, Kings Road where Mary met lots of avid young Bake-Off fans and signed plenty of copies of Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect for them.

ary Berry Waterstones Cooks the Perfect book signing

To finish this busy weekend DK publisher Mary-Clare Jerram, did a fantastic “In Conversation” talk with Mary at an ABF The Soliders’ Charity event. We’re happy to say that the event raised over £8,500. Thanks Mary for a great weekend!

New and Updated Books for November 2014

We’ve got lots of great new books out this month, including our famous DK Eyewitness guides, updated for a new generation. Eyewitness is now more interactive and colourful than ever with new infographics, statistics, timelines…and a giant fact-filled wallchart!

Browse all our new and updated titles.

Updated DK Eyewitness Guides

DK at London Comic Con

DK Comic Con image
For the first time ever DK is going to London Comic Con! We’ll be setting up camp in Comic Village for the whole weekend, so if you’re going to Comic Con then drop by stand 781. Here’s a full list of what you can expect from DK at Comic Con, including comps, exclusive giveaways, book signings and panel discussions.

Exclusives & Giveaways

  • LEGO® Star Wars™ T-shirt giveaway free with copies of LEGO Star Wars™ The Dark Side (exclusive to London Comic Con, you won’t find these anywhere else!)
  • London Comic Con exclusive showing of some of the spreads from next year’s LEGO Star Wars™ in 100 Scenes
  • Free Batman tote bag when you buy any book from our stand


Friday 17:00, Theatre B: Dan Abnett Tomb Raider The Ten Thousand Immortals talk

Friday 17:00, Stand 781: Dan Abnett and Nic Vincent sign Brady Games Tomb Raider The Ten Thousand Immortals

Sunday 14:30, Stand 781: Alan Cowsill signs Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art


Saturday: Win a signed drawing of the Hulk, by Adi Granov

Sunday: Win signed prints of cross sections of two Star Wars vehicles: Luke’s Landspeeder and The Millennium Falcon

All weekend: Do you know a very obscure Star Wars fact? Come to stand 781 and submit your fact; one fact will be featured in next autumn’s Star Wars Absolutely Everything You Need to Know book, along with name credit!

Books Available at Our Stand

LEGO Star Wars™  the Visual Dictionary
LEGO Star Wars™  the Dark Side
Star Wars™ in 100 Scenes
Star Wars™ Complete Visual Dictionary
Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art
Marvel Encyclopedia
Batman A Visual History
The DC Comics Encyclopedia
Spider-Man Year by Year a Visual Chronicle
Star Trek the Visual Dictionary
Mastering Minecraft
Tomb Raider The Ten Thousand Immortals
Lego Minifigure Year by Year a Visual History
Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and the Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2014 The LEGO Group. Produced by Dorling Kindersley under licence from the LEGO Group.
© 2014 MARVEL
© DC Comics 2014

Cool Maths Games for Kids

Cool math games for kids! Boost your mathematics skills with DK. Are you ready to test your brain with another marvellous mathematical machine?



Star Wars Reads Day 2014

Saturday 11 October Disney Publishing Worldwide and its publishing partners bring you the third annual Star Wars™ Reads Day, celebrating reading and Star Wars.

DK is extremely excited to celebrate the third annual international iteration of this intergalactic spectacular at the Discover Centre in London.

Fans, authors and artists come together in this special initiative to celebrate Star Wars and the power of the Force, of imagination and of reading. Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.

Star Wars Reads Day logo

If you can’t make our London event fear not, you can visit your local bookshop or library to find an event, or even organise your own! Make sure that your local libraries and bookstores know that you want a Star Wars Reads Day event, if they aren’t staging one already.

An official Star Wars event kit (free of charge), including reproducible craft and activity sheets, trivia and event suggestions, is available here as a printable PDF in colour and black and white.

Stay informed by signing up to the official Stars Wars Reads Day newsletter. Once signed up you’ll have exclusive access to Star Wars Reads giveaways, marketing, promotional, and activity ideas that will help your event light up the galaxy.

You can also follow Star Wars Reads Day on Facebook, and keep us posted of your efforts and experiences on Twitter, using the hashtag #StarWarsReads. For a full list of Star Wars Reads Day events across the world check out Roqoo Depot.

Adventure. Excitement. Books? A Star Wars fan does indeed crave these things and will not be disappointed!

(Age 4+)

10 Minute Make-Up Giveaway

We’re running a competition for you to win your very own copy of 10-Minute Make-Up!

Resident make-up artist on Germany’s Next Top Model series, Boris Entrup is legendary in the make-up industry for his passion, creativity and influence. His latest book 10-Minute Make-Up gives you everything you need to transform your image in record time. Still not convinced? Here’s Boris demonstrating some essential make-up techniques:

Take part in our competition on Facebook to be in with a chance to win this fabulous new book!

DK Food & Drink on YouTube

We know that nothing beats freshly cooked homemade food so we’ve got a wonderful array of colourful videos to give you a helping hand with your recipes, guiding you along each step of the way.

Breakfast can often be an uninventive meal but by cooking up a batch of our French Toast with Blueberries you’re sure to rapidly become everyone’s favourite family member! This video provides step-by-step pictures of what your French toast should look like, ensuring that you get it just right, whether you’re making it yourself, or with your kids.

With guidance from the queen of cooking herself, Mary Berry, on How to Cook Roast Chicken, from her comprehensive guide, Mary Berry’s Cookery Course, you can guarantee an impressive result every time!

For treats all day round, take a look at our vanilla cupcakes recipe video from Step-by-Step Baking. This video shows you how to make delicious cupcakes and top them with a professional looking swirl of vanilla buttercream icing, making them look as if they are straight out of a bakery. If you can bear to give any away, they also make an ideal gift!

Next time you are in the kitchen give these recipes a go!

Tribute to Yoga Guru B.K.S. Iyengar

‘I always tell people, live happily and die majestically.’ – B.K.S. Iyengar

This is the quote that you will find on the homepage of the Iyengar Yoga website and seems the most fitting way to pay tribute to legendary yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar, who has sadly passed away aged 95.

B.K.S. Iyengar triumphed over poverty and ailments to master and revolutionize the art of yoga. Credited with bringing yoga to the West, he has also made it accessible to millions of people all over the world. We had the privilege of working with Iyengar on his yoga books and interviewed Penny Chaplin, to whom Mr Iyengar was a teacher and guide for forty-five years.

“He never realised that his work would be taken up in the way it was; that he would become a famous man and that his yoga would be taught in all four corners of the world. He has had a huge impact on the lives of millions of people who practise ‘Iyengar Yoga’. More importantly he didn’t set out to convert the world. It wasn’t his ambition to become famous. His teaching promoted itself because it was truthful and taught with sincerity.  Anyone who goes to class or practises at home experiences the very profound effect of ‘Iyengar yoga’ on body, mind, spirit and emotion.” – Penny Chaplin

B.K.S. Iyengar 1918 – 2014

B.K.S. Iyengar

The History of the DK Logo

This year we’ve been celebrating our 40th anniversary and there’s no better reminder of our heritage than the iconic DK logo. Stuart Jackman, DK Children’s Design Director, tracks the evolution of this logo over the last forty years.

When DK was founded in 1974, the company was not a publisher but a book packager and so there was no need for a logo as such. We did need an identity however, so Peter Kindersley’s father, David Kindersley, created a unique font to use on the company stationery. This font was hand-drawn and reflected the calligraphic qualities that David Kindersley was famous for. However it was not a font as such and so couldn’t be used in any typesetting system and only existed as the letters used in the colophon.

DK logo 1974

A couple of years after the founding of the company, when DK had around twenty books to sell to publishers worldwide, there was a need for a catalogue and David Kindersley created the cover. His design can be seen as the birth of the DK logo!

DK logo 1976

When DK first became a publisher a logo or some sort of mark was essential for use on the book covers. It was the precomputer age and the first actual logo was an evolution of this catalogue cover. It was hand-drawn and still had the calligraphic qualities with cross-hatching on the “cover” of the book and a very non-mechanical feel. The hand-drawn qualities soon proved to be a difficulty when the logo was used at a small size on spines, with the cross-hatching filling in and the hand drawn lines of the grid breaking up.

DK logo

To counter this, a new version was created. The number of pages in the book were reduced and the letters D and K were based on the font Garamond.

DK logo

After DK was aquired by Pearson in 2000 it was agreed that the time was right for a modernisation of the logo. The international design group Pentagram was engaged and part of their brief was to improve the impact of the logo on book covers. In the version below they were able to increase the size of the D and K by around 20% but still keep the logo the same size. They also introduced a less rigid cover with more curves to the book cover which was thought softer and more contemporary. The diagonal grid lines were removed to improve readability.

DK logo

In 2014 the DK logo has been modified again to improve readability and visibility on the books and in digital products. Even in this digital age the logo is still very much a book and retains much of the feel of David Kindersley’s original.

DK logo 2014


Being ‘better by design’ is an important part of what makes our illustrated non-fiction books unique and our iconic logo continues to represent the high quality design that is essential to every book we create. So here’s to another 40 years of great design and that open book with two little letters telling you everything you need to know…DK.


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